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Waterfront Experience


Nackawic is an emerging experiential riverfront travel destination which has based on a dynamic new culture of partnership, investment and entrepreneurship.


To create a new tourism economy which capitalizes on and preserves the natural attributes of the Nackawic waterfront.

Strategic Objectives

A total of six objectives drive the Nackawic waterfront development business plan for the mutual benefit of residents and visitors:

  • To launch an exclusive destination brand which stimulates investment and jobs.
  • To ensure that all tangible products are subjected to a rigorous, professionally executed design process.
  • To ensure that all intangible products are based on leading experiential design processes.
  • To ensure strategic alignment with key stakeholders, partners and influencers.
  • To ensure that all forms of development are financially sustainable.
  • To adopt and adhere to sustainable tourism practices.

Eight key elements highlight the Destination Nackawic waterfront master plan:

  • A full service marina.
  • Linkage to an enhanced commercial core.
  • Floating art installation.
  • Enhanced park activities, stories and landscaping.
  • The introduction of a mix of accommodations.
  • The introduction of new food and beverage services.
  • The introduction of new water-based experiences.
  • The potential for one of New Brunswick’s officially designated VISTA™ scenic viewing experiences.